The Safari Expert presents a variety of photographic courses to suit everyone's needs, both privately in person or online.


Book a private photography course in Hoedspruit or the surrounding areas and get all the personal attention you desire in a highly informative 1-on-1 theoretical or practical session with professional photographer, Villiers Steyn.

It doesn't matter what camera you use or what level you are at, Villiers will not only help you to master all of your camera's settings, but also to look at your environment through new, more creative eyes.

We are very flexible when it comes to time, place and duration.  



Book a private Lightroom lesson and learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic - by far the best sorting and processing software available to photographers.

Book a 1-0n-1 session with professional photographer, Villiers Steyn, and learn how to manage your Lightroom catalog by importing your images correctly, sorting them efficiently, editing them beautifully and exporting them in the right formats.

It doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, if you're struggling with Lightroom, we can help you!  



The Safari expert, Villiers Steyn has designed and published six online photography courses on the world's best online university -! Each course contains a series of short and concise video lectures that students stream on their computers, tablets or smartphones once they've enrolled. For this you need a reasonably strong internet connection (at least 4mb line). 

Enrol by clicking on any of the six links below, subscribing to Udemy and making a safe, once-off payment by credit card or PayPal. Once you've enrolled, the content is yours for life...

World class online photography courses by Villiers Steyn:

  • Tanja van de Sande
    "Well explained and easy to listen to. In just an hour you learn a lot of great new things!"
    Tanja van de Sande
  • Louise Victor
    "Everything is explained perfectly! Easy to follow and understand the steps in the lectures. Villiers is an excellent instructor!"
    Louise Victor
  • Lee Badenhorst
    "Awesome, concise and easy to understand information. Covering exactly what is stated in the introduction."
    Lee Badenhorst